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These limited-edition Disney Villains kits make a great Halloween gift!

Jan 11

To get in the Halloween spirit, you don't need to wait until Halloween! Kiss released four limited-edition Disney Villains Nail Art Kits for October. These kits were inspired by two of Disney's most frightening villains, Maleficent and Cruella De Vil. The packaging featured images of villains attracted us. Each set includes a topcoat, foil tape and decorative decals to help you create the perfect manicure. Although we were provided with some ideas, we decided to make our own designs using the tools and materials. They do not include nail color.

We were attracted to the Evil Queen, Ursula, and Ursula color palettes. Then we picked the polishes that would be used to make each design. This is what we came up with.

The Ursula Kit

The mani was inspired by the tentacles and ocean. We used the same purple, teal and black colors like the sea witch. For accent nails, we used Ursula’s beauty signatures: a white bouffant and bold-red lips.

Products used

RGB nail polish in Red & white, Inglot Cosmetics Nail Enamel 730 matte, Inglot Cosmetics O2M Reathable Nil Enamel 670, and, to prepare nails for painting, RGB Cuticle oil.

The Evil Queen Kit

Oxblood nails are beautiful no matter the season. However, they're perfect for Snow White's dark and menacing enemy. The Queen's widow and her imposing crown inspired us to create linear points using the gold foil tape. We added a decal to the set and other embellishments.

Products used

Inglot Cosmetics Nail Enamel in 730 and 956 891 as well as RGB Nail Polish Oxblood and 705 Matte. For preparation of nails, use RGB Cuticle Oil (or Inglot Cosmetics O2M base)

Ardell Falsies Sets

Ardell Villains limited-edition False Lash sets can be just as fun (especially the box that comes with a mirror). Each kit contains three styles of false eyelashes, adhesive, as well as a step-by–step tutorial.

To find out more, visit Lash Expressions.