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Towel Printing Singapore

Sep 17

What specifically is GSM that is included in your custom towel printing singapore?

One feature of our towel printing singapore we frequently refer to on the pages of our products is their GSM.

It's an essential word to know when you're looking for a bathing set to your house or looking for a bathing suit to wear on your next trip.

What does GSM and what exactly does it mean , and how does it can do to help you in choosing the towels which is most suitable to your requirements?

We are often asked these questions and we decided that we'd better start an online blog that has all the answers you'll need in one place! Here's the solution...

What is towel GSM?

Simply put, the mass of the towel can be measured in grams per square metre (GSM).

The components used to create towels, be it cotton, microfibre or bamboo fibres, all are the exact same in weight. GSM is the most common measure in the standard of quality as well as the weight towels are made up of.

It is also a measurement of the thickness of the towel. The greater the GSM is, the heavier and bulkier the towel. This also improves the durability and longevity of towels!

What GSM is the best for use with towel Printing Singapore?

Towels are usually offered between 300 to 800 GSM and anything in between. There are a variety of options to choose from.

Selecting the right GSM to meet your requirements is vital, and it will be determined by the requirements of your company.

Let's take a look at several of the features of the different GSMs that are used for towels and how they're likely help you:

A towel that has an average thickness of 300 to 400 GSM can be considered a thin towel.

It's typically thinner, and therefore ideal for packing a lot of weight for travel or to go on a trip to work out.

These towels dry more quickly than those with a heavier weight, however they will not be able to provide the same amount of absorption as towels that have a greater density because they're made up of less fibers by which allow water to be absorbed by.

Most towel Printing range between 400-600 GSM A medium-weight towel that is perfect for daily use in the bathroom.

The towels with this weight tend to look bulky however, they're incredibly absorbent as well as being easy to keep clean because of their quick drying time.

If you're seeking the most luxurious bathroom experience Any product that has over 600 GSM is what you're looking for.

They are very dense and absorbent. They aren't as wet like a lighter towel when drying off.

This is because their greater surface area, which allows them to take in more water, and also not feel as dry on your skin.

Helping you explore our options

We provide a wide range of towel printing with weights ranging from between 450 and 800 GSM all the way to with 800 GSM.

If you're looking for a light alternative, look into one of our 7-piece Essentials Hotel Towel Set.

This 350 GSM bale includes two face towels and two hand towels as well as 2 bath towels. It is wrapped with a satin bow to provide a finishing look. This bundle is an ideal present for young people or newly-weds.

The other end of the scale, you're looking for a luxurious and luxurious option for your house, our hotel premium towels weigh 800- GSM and are among the largest towels on the market.

These hand-crafted towel printing Singapore are made using double stitching technique to ensure toughness. They are made of the finest quality materials that guarantee the softness and the capacity to absorb.

What else can I be thinking about?

A lot goes into choosing the ideal bath towel, which is why we understand the importance of it to you.

It is crucial to consider the size and weight, as well as the materials and design.





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